Why‘ is a purpose. It is a belief. It is a reason for your existence.  It is a catalyst to understand what you love doing. If the work that you do satisfies you, leaves you self-contented, you have achieved your Why.

Satisfaction at work is not from getting appreciation from your boss or achieving milestones and targets. The question is, does it make a difference to the larger workforce and community?

Ask yourself few questions:

  • “What do I love doing?”.
  • “What excited me in my school years?”
  • “What  gives me an adrenalin rush?”

Why (the purpose) leads to –> How (value proposition), which further leads to –> What (products and services).

The ‘What‘ establishes your operating rhythm in your daily life.

This is the Golden Circle – discovered by Simon Sinek. All of the above is summarized in his inspirational Ted Talk

Simon Sinek’s website www.startwithwhy.com offers a ‘Why Discovery’ course that enables you to discover your Why statement. Do check it out here. The course has helped me to find my Why:

To influence people and organizations to achieve a class of their own so that they stand unequalled and operate at a greater level of excellence.