Content Management: A Critical Enabler for Your Digital Business Strategy

A massive wave of digital transformation is emerging, and those organizations that can skillfully ride the wave will survive the game. To traverse these rather uncharted waters, it is imperative that organizations build up sufficient digital expertise.

Content management is one such enabler that empowers enterprises to maneuver through the digital transformation wave. Large organizations often spend millions of dollars and a lot of effort on managing content – both internal (such as policy documents) and external (such as marketing content). Maintaining, updating, and ensuring access to such content is both time-consuming and expensive.

This Executive Update, a publication of Cutter’s Data Analytics and Digital Technologies practice, presents a roadmap for content management.

This article is a Cutter Consortium paper authored by Amit Temurnikar. Cutter Consortium is a global business and technology advisory firm.

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The Winner’s Edge.

Some people have a strong sense of self-worth and their own set of values, which help them stand out in a crowd. While winds of conflicting ideas blow some people away, tides of various fads wash others away they stand firm leaving behind footprints on the sands of time, and that is a big part of being an ultimate achiever the world would always cherish.

How do these people manage to outclass themselves? There is a thin line between them and the rest of the pack. It is called ‘The Winner’s Edge.’ This edge is not the result of a privileged environment,  a high IQ, a superior education or unusual talent. The key to the ‘Winner’s Edge’ is the attitude, and a burning desire to get your dreams off the launching pad.

The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, often a heartbreaking struggle. The tragedy of his love life penetrated the depths of his soul and converted Charles Dickens into one of the world’s truly great authors. That tragedy produced ‘David Copperfield’ and a succession of other works that made this a better world for all of us to live in.

Helen Keller became deaf, dumb and blind shortly after her birth. Despite great misfortune, she has written her name indelibly in pages of history. Beethoven became deaf; Milton went blind, but their names will last till time endures. The entire lives of all these people have served as evidence that no one is ever defeated until the defect has been accepted as a reality.

Honesty is an indispensable ingredient in developing a winning attitude. Being true to oneself and assuming the responsibility for your actions will help to find one’s goals. Daring to be different while respecting the rights of others and at the same time harbouring a strong courage of conviction will always endorse a silver lining.

Nothing is permanent but change. Adapting to changing situations brings grist to one’s own mill thus making oneself commendable of encomium. Let the three D’s of Discipline, Determination and Dedication underline the philosophy of your life. Let that be your soliloquy.


Winners take the talent or potential they were born with and utilize it fully, towards the purpose that makes them feel worthwhile. In short, losers let life happen to them; winners make it happen!

“Believe in Yourself.”

‘Believe in Yourself’ is a postulate which should dictate the philosophy of one’s life. It means keeping surplus faith in one’s deeds, havings hundred percent mind power and developing a strong courage of conviction. Using this faith and desire as catalysts along with the three D’s – dedication, determination and discipline one can make his or her difficulties pale into insignificance, live in affluence and thus bring grist to one’s own mill.

We don’t need to impress all foreigners. We don’t need to think fair skin is beautiful. We don’t need to think local means cheap.

A long while ago a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to take a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into the boats, sailed into enemy country, unloaded the soldiers and their equipment and gave orders to burn the boats that had carried them. Addressing his men before his first battle, he said –

“You can see the boats going up in smoke, that means we cannot leave the shores alive unless we win!. We have no choice – we win, or we perish” They WON.

The warrior had a desire to win, faith in his soldiers and above all he had that absolute belief, he had that coherent feeling in his mind that they could win.

Every human being who reaches a certain state of understanding sets a goal in his life and wishes for it. Plainly wishing for your goal will not strike gold, one needs to:
  • Desire for it
  • Placate yourself to believe that you can achieve it
  • Plan definite ways and means to acquire it
  • Experiment with them with a positive mental attitude and
  • Back the plans with persistence which does not recognize failure

Fate can be surmounted. Henley, the poet, wrote the prophetic lines -‘ I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul’ and left it to the people to derive their philosophies. Of course, disciples of this maxim can make fate their favourite puppet.

Let’s not be easily contented. Let’s not blame our failures on fate.

Self-belief is an urge one meeds to cultivate. Coaxing somebody to do so would be like riding one’s hobby horse to death. Though it is easier to comment than to implement, it is always beneficial to sport a never-say-die attitude. It encloses a universalizing factor by which one could usher oneself a millennium of peace and happiness.

Let’s believe we could do it. Let’s believe in ourselves.

Missed Repayment


“I think I need to visit an eye specialist.”, said the retired postmaster.

“Will see to it next month. I am flying tonight. Also, too many expenses, this time around.” said the Pilot son, who was rushed to an ophthalmologist the first time he had problems copying from the blackboard.

The postmaster wiped his spectacles and tried reading the hazy pages of his medical report.

What is Love?….Some thoughts.

  • Love is not just a four letter word. Love means spiritual peace. It is a supreme emotion which encompasses all relations. We all are leading high-stress lives. What would be the point if you go at the end of the day to a relationship that burns you out even further? You will just be charging the atmosphere with negative vibrations.
  • Love is as natural instinct as breathing, sleeping and laughing. Shakespeare said, ‘Love is blind’. Yes, but it should not be underestimated. It is as important as the creative urge. In fact, there are different states of existence. If your love life is right, it will help you perform better and help you evade all kinds of storms and cyclones that you may otherwise have to confront. Else, it may act as a catalyst in letting your life and career go off track.
  • According to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “Love is just not two people looking at each other, but in fact, two people looking in the same direction.” When two people just look at each other, it is “Luv”, and with two people looking in the same direction, it is “Love.”
  • Genuine love creates a unique bonding giving each other space to grow. Love does not shackle you. It ideally sets you free to be yourself, to be normal.
  • Relationships break up for a variety of reasons, e.g. expecting too much from each other or not treating each other on an equality basis. Incidentally, there are certain facts which need to be unfolded. The whole idea of Mr. Right or Ms. Right is hogwash. Nobody is perfect for measuring up to that title. So what is the point in beating around the bush?
  • To comprehend the whole concept once has to invest time in a relationship. The returns are more than their worth measured in gold. In the long run, when you look back at life, it is not the trophies that you have won or the bank balance that you are equipped with, but whether you have a loving a caring people around you on whom you can depend on emotionally. A happy and a joyful life, born out of love, is the greatest gift one can ever imagine possessing.
  • Real love is forever. I believe that I would be a poorer person without love – empty and depressed. Without love, life would be a desert mirage.


This conversation between Dr. Brand and Cooper during their Interstellar travel, drives the emotion home:

COOPER: You’re a scientist, Brand.

BRAND: I am. So listen to me when I tell you that love isn’t something we invented - it’s observable, powerful. Why shouldn’t it mean something?

COOPER: It means social utility - child rearing, social bonding.

BRAND: We love people who’ve died ... where’s the social utility in that? Maybe it means more - something we can’t understand, yet. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artifact of higher dimensions that we can’t consciously perceive. I’m drawn across the universe to someone I haven’t seen for a decade, who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can’t yet understand it.