Shock or Surprise?

The first week at work.

“Hey Raj,  know what?” Sam waved on top of his voice.

“Mr. Nitin has sent a me connection request.”

Raj raised his eyebrows “Wow! You lucky dog. Not every intern gets a connection request from the CEO. You must have impressed him in your introduction speech.”

“I guess so. There is a message as well. He has invited me for a chat today at 5.30 pm at the coffee shop across the road.”

“Great. There must be a blazing agenda if he is asking for a meeting after office hours that too on a Friday. Go for it!”

Sam picked up his phone “Wait till I tell this to Riya. She will be elated too and forgive me for canceling today’s movie date for this.”

The same evening.

Sam checked himself into the men’s room. His tall frame, slim built, and sharp features made him a typical urban millennial. He tucked his shirt in, adjusted his hair, re-aligned his suit and tie. He made sure his shoes were shining. The only time Sam would care about his looks while leaving office was when he had a date with Riya. Today, he thought, was equally exceptional. He wanted to create a good second impression. He waited till the men’s room was empty and rehearsed his introduction in the mirror “Hi, Mr. Nitin, this is Sam. Sam Khanna”

As the lift descended 19 floors of his office building, he kept anxiously thinking “What the meeting could be about? Must be surely something important. Well, I will take up anything for a first assignment.”

At 5.25 p.m, Sam reached the entrance of the coffee shop. It was sparsely populated. His eyeballs nervously searched for Mr. Nitin.

Sam located Nitin in a corner typing frantically on his laptop. “A man of his stature would have hundreds of email to reply in a day. Not to forget a bunch of other documents and presentations” Sam pondered.

Nitin Wadhwa was quintessential CEO. Always dressed in three-piece pinstriped suits. He didn’t believe in Friday dressing. His view was that casual dressing would make our thinking casual too. His choice of clothes, watches and shoes reflected his opulence. The French beard and white sidelocks of his hair exuded maturity of an experienced leader.

“I wish to be like him someday,” he thought.

Sam walked towards Nitin and extended his hand for a greeting “Hello Mr. Nitin. How are you doing?.”

Mr. Nitin looked at Sam and fixed his gaze for a few seconds.

“It’s Sam..err. Sameer Khanna.”

“Aha! You are the intern. I remember your introduction speech. What were you doing? Checking me out from out there?”

“Huh?No, sir. I am here for our meeting. You sent me a message.”

Nitin latched his gaze on Sam’s head and slowly descended to his toe and moved up again stopping close to his belt. He stuck his tongue out and began licking his lips, “Ah! Yes.. Oh my God Sam. Are you in for a ride tonight?”


Deep in the Valley

Ahmed was conscious but decided to play dead. A bullet had ripped through his lungs, but he managed to breathe the gun powder laden air. It was freezing as he lay down in the snow-covered valley of Kashmir. He could hear the military retracting. The blood from his forehead dripped over his lashes, making him want to open his eyes, but he tried not to.

Suddenly, it was pin-drop silence. He could hear nothing but the murmur of a faraway stream. Ahmed wanted to get up, but his muscles and bones felt weak. The pain in his chest was excruciating.  The sub-zero temperature numbed his hands and feet. Snowfall had begun and slowly it would become difficult to move. Ahmed opened his eyes. The snow around him was red. He thought of forcing himself into a nearby house for first aid.

As Ahmed started to rise, he began to hear random radio chatter and distant whirring of a helicopter. Gasping for breath, he reached for his Kalashnikov. Before he could pull the trigger, a shower of bullets pierced his body. Ahmed slumped in the snow with a shuddering thud never to rise again.


Double-Cross (A Scene)

This post is essentially a two-way scene version of the double-cross monologue.

As Lois searched for her keys, she heard things thrown inside.

“Could he have discovered it?” She pondered.

Clark yelled from his desk as Lois opened the locks “What’s this? Is this you?”, pointing to her online personals advertisement.

She walked up to the bar wearing a sarcastic smile and started to unwind with a glass of red wine. Clark walked up to her “What do you think you were doing?”

Lois raised her glass to Clark “Just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Is it sour? Sooner than I thought, huh?”

By now Clark had turned red “What do you mean? We are in a steady relationship. How could you do this?”

“Aha! Shouldn’t those words be mine? How do you expect to sail on two boats and no one to spill the beans?”

“Lois baby, I do love you!” Clark said in a voice filled with guilt.

“Cut the crap, Clark, I never imagined that you would be so adventurous. I can never accept my partner to be bi-curious”. Lois said with moist eyes and locked herself.

As Clark kept screaming in disgust and disapproval, Lois deliberated “Should I care? I have a bright future and need to look ahead. As far as I am concerned, it’s over! Okay, now let me see some of the responses that I have received. Hmm…this one looks interesting…”

Double-Cross (A Monologue)

Who is double-crossing whom?


Personals Advertisement.

Hello, World! I am Lois Lane, a 27-year-old petite single woman looking for a fun loving and adventurous guy. I am a painter by profession. I like to eat, sleep, travel and most importantly have fun. I prefer to create a space of my own and stay away from boring worldly matters. My profile picture says a lot about my looks, and I don’t think it needs any further description. If you think you are of my type, do send me a private message. My response time is not the best in the world, but I will revert asap. Profiles without photos, please excuse. Cheerio!
Two days later.
I didn’t expect Clark to be jumping out of his clothes so soon. “After all, does he care?”, I murmured to myself.
“Well, my intention was to give him a taste of his own medicine. How dare he put up an ad on the website behind my back and expecting no one to spill the beans? For the past two years, I thought we were in a steady relationship. I considered this man as my soul mate. However, it seems the feeling was never mutual. The fact that he found out about my profile so soon gives an indication of how active he was seeking a man. I wish I had known about his orientation much before.”
As Clark kept yelling in disapproval, I locked myself up.
“Why didn’t he talk about this to me straight away? Was he scared of revealing his sexual preferences? Does he want to sail on two boats – keeping a relationship with me because he is emotionally involved and try new adventures at the same time? Well, he should be the one explaining rather than me speculating. I am hurt to the core, and I don’t care. I have a bright future and need to look ahead in life. As far as I am concerned, it’s over!
“Okay, now let me have a look at some of the responses that I have received. Hmm…this one looks interesting…”

Writer’s Nudge – How to?

Many authors have asked me how to contribute towards the writer’s nudge. So, I thought I would put up a post on how does one go about it:

  1. This initiative is to support The Nudge Foundation
  2. Challenge yourself – E.g I have challenged myself to write at least one post for 50 days.
  3. Decide on the contribution amount for every post that you publish
  4. Once your campaign has ended, do the math. Things are a bit manual here. Your total contribution = the number of posts x contribution per post.
  5. Visit
  6. Click Contribute button to pay

Go ahead. Take the Nudge.

What’s the outcome?…

Sweat had begun to show on her forehead. It was the fifth time in her academic life that she was expecting her graduation result. As the clock struck 10 am, she could hear the sound of bicycle riding the stash of dead leaves outside the door. She knew the mailman was on his way. A failure, this time, would mean demoralization and a lethargic wait for another year to obtain an Undergraduate in Arts. A favorable outcome would put her on the right path to pursue her career in photojournalism.

As the doorbell rang, she moved at a snail’s pace towards the door and looked through the eyehole to confirm. It was indeed the mailman. She slowly opened the door. The mailman handed her a letter. It was from the University, as expected. She momentarily prayed as she tore open the flap of the envelope. The ground beneath her feet cracked. Her hands shook as she opened the fold of the letter and began to read,

“Dear Sara….”

Writer’s Nudge for the Nudge Foundation


Thank you! Jayesh Easwaramony for giving me the nudge to publish. For long, I have been contemplating to showcase my writing. It can’t be more purposeful than participating towards the betterment of society.

People do various things – run, volunteer, contribute. I decided to write.

The first batch of Nudgers is out with 125% placements. It means that people without the privilege of education have found jobs after being imparted life skills by The Nudge Foundations Gurukul.

A scalable model backed by many corporates to put many out of poverty is underway, and I would like to contribute .. Hence this fundraiser.

In the next 50 days, I am ‘nudging’ myself to write.

As you read this post, spare a thought, make a difference, take the nudge!

I will personally contribute Rs.100 for every day I write for the next 50 days.