The Treatment.

The rains lashed on the windows in a torrential rage. The rushing wind, blowing curtains and groaning patients in the ward created a howling melancholy that nullified the effect of anaesthesia on him a bit earlier than expected.

“Hold on. It won’t be long.” She said tapping his arm and removing the sphygmomanometer.

‘Remove this quickly, you bitch.” he stated in a rash voice trying to get rid of the instrument himself and flinging it away.

“You are a strange fellow.  I am just here to sign your discharge.” She maintained her calm.

“Where have you worthless guys got me?” He yelled, still in a trance holding his head in agony and pain.

“Well, you are disturbing other patients. Please remain calm.”

He gazed at her for a minute and submitted to her instructions “Hmm. Your face seems to be familiar.”

She ignored his stare and continued with her notes.  He attempted to sit back on his bed.  Intense pain oscillated in his abdomen

“Aarrgghh! What the f…? What have you filthy white coats done to me? All my nerves seem to be stretched.”

He held his stomach and sank back into the bed.

“We had to operate you. The police tortured you so hard that your internal organs were ruptured. “

“Those bastards hit me for no reason. Wait till I get out of this place.”

“No reason? Are you serious? Everyone in this hospital says that you are a habitual rapist.”

“That’s none of your business pretty. Take your stuff and get lost. “

“Yes I will go, but… didn’t you do it?”

“Did what? I just saw her. Got aroused.  Picked her up. That’s my usual piece of entertainment. But the slimy slut complained. She must have really deep contacts in the system. “

“Didn’t anyone report you before?”

“They must have. But I have my clout. My father is an influential person. Some refrain from complaining due to social stigma their reputation might gain. They also fear not getting married ever. “

“You don’t feel any remorse, do you?”

“Me? These girls are the ones who should have remorse. They commit mistakes by wearing short skirts and provocative dresses. I just help them realise…. “

“But the media reported that she was wearing her uniform on her way to school. ‘

“These school girls are ones who are inviting. Such smooth and creamy skin.  Soft and supple breasts.  Luscious thighs hiding cleverly under the folds of short skirts. I was just the hunter. I stalked her for many days. Nobody complained when she had fun with her boyfriend. When I took the advantage, they badged me as a culprit.”

“Your attitude has not shifted an inch. “

“What attitude? If you want to see my real attitude, then meet me alone, you hot stuff. I will show you my real power.”  He said mischievously, moving his outstretched tongue on his upper lip left to right.

“What power? Are you serious?” she grinned.

“Of course. Meet me once I am outta here. These injuries will fade out in quick time. “He smiled wryly.

Her grins had transformed into short continuous laughs.

“Nobody can even hurt me in the slightest fashion. “He declared.

“You should think before you speak. “

“What do you mean, bitch?”

“Remove those sheets and try to feel yourself below the belt, you son of a mangy dog. Then you would know.”  She said with a vengeance.

“Huh?” Fear crept up his senses as he scraped his hand down under.

He could touch and feel nothing. All his pride, his weaponry lopped off in precision. Angry and desperate, he began to beat his chest and cry incessantly.

“Now, control yourself. Else, the world would know that you are damaged goods. What would the society think of you? Who will marry you?”

“Stay quiet and drown in your remorse. This is a perfect treatment for animals like you.  Surely, some maniac would have boned a retard to pop out a scum like you. “She pressed her hand against his chest binding him to the bed.

“You pathetic f***ks, I will avenge this.”

“My darling, I had baked her favourite chocolate cake that day. But she chose to have sleeping pills instead.’ Her eyes moist as she mumbled to herself.

She flung his discharge papers on his face and began to leave.

Lightning opened up like a knot of white snakes in the charcoal sky, and thunder started to roll.

He kept cursing and shuddering, but she was already out of earshot.


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