Snooping Along.

“Myra is sleeping. She won’t wake up for another 3 hours at least. You can watch TV till I return.”

Before she could say “OK”, Sonia’s phone started to vibrate.

“I have to take this one.”, she picked up her handbag and walked outside the door holding her phone to her ear.

She gazed at Sonia’s hourglass figure, red gown and sparkling handbag as she closed the main door and unlocked her garage. Being alone, earning $15 per hour for the next 3 hours, and having nothing to do brought joy to her. She was up-to-date with her assignments as well. She smiled, moved her both hands through her waist length hair, immersed herself into the couch and switched on the TV.

After an hour of surfing channels, she was bored and went upstairs to check on Myra. She was sleeping like a daisy. She adjusted Myra back to her sleeping position and straightened the bed sheet and comforter that was crumpled. She put on additional pillows to prevent her from moving towards the end of the bed.

As she stepped out of Myra’s room, she saw the door of the library open. As she moved closer, she could see books spread all over. The  curtains flared from the open window bringing in amber bloom of the sunset. Probably a cat had knocked down one of the bookshelf and then escaped.

“What to do, wait for Sonia. For the six months that I have been here, she has never allowed me into the library?”, she thought, “Let me utilise my free time to adjust these books. Sonia would be happy. She might allow me to read a few books as well.”

She walked along the pile of books, aware of the loud sound of her shoes made when they hit the wooden floor. She didn’t want to wake up Myra. She trembled and bit her lower lip towards the left. She glanced over her shoulder, assured that she was still alone, moved nervously ahead.

As she started to arrange the books, some photos slipped down from a book. The photos were that of a man. The face looked familiar. Yes, he was Sonia’s husband who is missing since three months now. She was startled.

All the photos were mugshots. Each photo had a different name written on the back – John Catli, Jeff Flannery, Frank Bernard. The last one had a big red cross all over it.

She had seen Sonia beat a man in a courtyard. He apparently tried to misbehave. Sonia didn’t stop until he fell to the ground unconscious. Chills crept up her neck and forearms, and she abruptly shivered.

“These names on the photographs…..aren’t these famous contract killers?”, she remembered them from her Criminology classes. Could she have done her husband?”


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