A fitting finish.

This is a climactic scene continuing from previous posts ‘Under Lock and Key’ and ‘Stalemate

<warning: contains expletives>


The decayed wooden furniture, cobweb stained walls, and mould covered curtains gave the head office of WDS Ltd an abandoned look. Akash pushed his elbow to break the glass and open the latch from inside. As he walked past the floor layered with paint flakes, his focus was to wipe the dust from his name.

“Welcome home”, said a husky voice. A tall figure emanated, pulling a gun from this pocket.

“Neil Singh!”, Akash exclaimed in disbelief.

“Yes, In flesh and blood. Hands up, please. You see, It wasn’t difficult to fake my death.”

“But, they recovered your body.”

“I offered a tramp 1000 rupees, dinner and sleepover in the comfort of my house. Then ‘BOOM’”

“But why did you do all this?”

“I fell in the love the first time I saw her with you. When they imprisoned you, I proposed to her, but that bitch Riya couldn’t forget you.”

“You bastard.”, Akash dashed towards Neil, pressed his neck and pinned him against the wall. The gun fell few feet away.

“Did Zoya frame me on your behest?”

“She was my muse and agreed to stage a play for me. That was enough to incarcerate you.”

“Then you killed her?”

“The slimy slut blackmailed me – not for money, but for sex. Her old and cold husband couldn’t keep the nymphomaniac happy. I did away with my turban and hair to avoid detection. You were out on bail; it was easy for the blame to be on you.”

Akash pressed hard. Neil gasped for breath, but he managed to pull out a knife, swing it across to cut through Affy’s stomach. He then rammed a blow in Affy’s torso crashing him down.

“By the way, this is the same knife I used to slit your dad’s throat.” He squatted and stuck the knife point in Affy’s neck.

“You freaking scoundrel. Why?”, he said as pain oscillated in his body.

“The old sack saw me burying Sheila in your backyard. She honey trapped me, taped all our conversations, and blackmailed me. When I killed her, I couldn’t recover the recordings from her mobile phone.”

If ACP Khan found the body in your backyard, you would indeed go to the gallows and Riya would be mine.”

“You are deranged. Better handover yourself and confess.”

Neil grabbed his gun and stuck it in Affy’s mouth “You are the last straw. The world will know that you committed suicide to repent for your sins. It will be quick, I guarantee.”

Affy closed his eyes and tasted iron. “It’s all over now.”, he thought as Riva’s face flashed before him.

A loud shot rang out. Blood splashed over Affy’s face as Neil dropped with a shuddering thud.

Riva’s face was for real. The bullet came from Khan’s Glock-17.

“Riva, I thought you stopped caring for me”, he said with a sore throat.

“Shut up. How do you think you got bail?”, and they hugged each other.

Additional Information:
  • Neil Singh is CEO of WDS Ltd. The company was defunct.
  • Jagadish Khattar (JK) is chairman of WDS . Zoya is his wife. She killed her husband for Neil.
  • Akash was in jail for Zoya’s molestation (See Under lock and key)
  • Akash and Riya’s relationship was at a low. (See Stalemate)
  • ACP Khan is the investigating officer. He was suspicious of Neil’s death due to DNA mis-match of the body recovered from his burnt house.
  • Sheila is a journalist friend of Riya. She gives a pen to Riva for safekeeping.
  • Akash receives an anonymous letter (sent by Neil) to come to WDS office for evidence that would vindicate him.
  • Riya realises that the pen has a recorder in it. She listens to the taped conversations between Sheila and Neil and takes it to ACP Khan, who tracks Affy by his cell phone location to WDS head office.

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