The waves, vast and small, surged along the solitary beach. Sand escaped from his feet as the waves receded into the sea. Dark clouds had begun to gather.

He stood gazing at the sea with a skateboard in one hand and slippers in another. The sun rays dried the water from his body leaving back the sand particles. She finished her sun bath, came back from her shower, started to pick up the beach towels, slippers and sand toys.

“It’s getting dark. Where are the kids?”, she yelled from behind.

“I am watching them. Let them play some more.”, he said.

She looked along his line of sight; she saw the kids riding the waves, splashing hard. Their heads were barely visible. They were being dragged further inside by the high tides.

“What are you doing? They’ll drown.”, she yelled and ran to the beach.

Her worried gaze oscillated between him and the kids. He stood stoic and continued staring at them.

“Well?”, she breathed in broken gasps.

Thunder rumbled, and lightning struck.

More waves, tall and rowdy, came crashing and dragged the kids out of sight into the sea.

“We’re getting late. Let’s go. It’s a long drive back home.”

“But?…” she choked.

“Half job done!”

Next morning their car, crashed and burned, was found at the bottom of the cliff.

The newspaper carried headlines “Market dips further. Losses and loans lead stockbroker to kill family and self.”


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