To elbow or not to elbow.

She dreaded crowds. It made her feel claustrophobic. The stampede of shoppers spread across the streets was intensified with another group of protestors. She felt someone run over her handbag. It wasn’t abnormal for that to happen in the massive crowd. She checked her belongings; everything was intact except her phone. 


She stored all her valuable information – photos, passwords, contact information, notes, etc. in the phone. It would be devastating to lose it.  


She called her number (thankfully, she remembered it)


“Hello.” A man answered.


“Listen, whoever you are. I need my phone back at any cost. How much money do you want?”


“No amount of money can replace the information in the phone.” The line went dead. 


She logged into on her laptop and tracked her phone.  She remotely changed her phone password and locked it. 


She called her phone again. This time, it was not reachable.


She tracked her phone with the IMEI number. 


“44th street. 5th block.”


She took a cab to the location and found her phone in the trash can alongside 44th street. 


Apparently, he tried to hack the data but he couldn’t.

“The good thing that my phone has done is that it has sucked in all information from his mobile phone.” 


“He thought he was successful when in fact I allowed him to elbow me.”


“Little did he know that my phone was tailor made for surveillance. Wait till I hand over the data to my chief. This is my ticket to stardom in our gang.”


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