Build or Break.


“That’s 50 lakh rupees in our joint account.”, he finished liquidating the fixed deposits.

“Great. I will take it to the property builder today.”, she confirmed.

“Aren’t you going to the office today?”

“No. I thought of completing all these formalities. Today is the last day of the inaugural offer.”

“Ah. I see. Be careful with the cash sweetheart. Just remember 3 BHK on the seventh floor, facing the swimming pool.”

“Don’t worry. I will take the car. It will be safe that way.”

“You should. I will go the bank to complete the loan formalities, then take a cab to the office. They’ve sanctioned 2.5 crores.”

“Fantastic. It’s a matter of few days. We’ll finally have our dream abode. I am tired of staying in this rented place.”

“Me too. See you in the evening.”


He received a text alert on his mobile phone. “Your account no xxxx283 is debited of Rs. 50 lakhs. Overall balance is Rs 145.87.”

“That’s all our savings and amount received from sale of our parental lands.”, he reminisced.


There was no answer to the doorbell. He opened the latch with his keys.

“Honey. I am home.”. There was no response. She was nowhere to be seen.

He tried to call her. Her phone was not reachable.

“She must be on her way or in the lift.”, he thought.

He logged into internet banking. He had never made such a huge payment before.

The screen threw up a message “Invalid password. Try logging in again. Your account will be locked after four more attempts.”

“She’s changed it.”

He tried to call her again. This time, her phone was switched off.

“Where could she be? Is she safe? She was carrying too much cash. Did she reach the property builder’s office?”

The property builder’s mobile phone was not reachable. His office confirmed that he was out sick.

When he searched through the house, he found that her clothes and jewellery were missing.

There was a note in her cupboard that said “Goodbye.”


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