“Believe in Yourself.”

‘Believe in Yourself’ is a postulate which should dictate the philosophy of one’s life. It means keeping surplus faith in one’s deeds, havings hundred percent mind power and developing a strong courage of conviction. Using this faith and desire as catalysts along with the three D’s – dedication, determination and discipline one can make his or her difficulties pale into insignificance, live in affluence and thus bring grist to one’s own mill.

We don’t need to impress all foreigners. We don’t need to think fair skin is beautiful. We don’t need to think local means cheap.

A long while ago a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to take a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into the boats, sailed into enemy country, unloaded the soldiers and their equipment and gave orders to burn the boats that had carried them. Addressing his men before his first battle, he said –

“You can see the boats going up in smoke, that means we cannot leave the shores alive unless we win!. We have no choice – we win, or we perish” They WON.

The warrior had a desire to win, faith in his soldiers and above all he had that absolute belief, he had that coherent feeling in his mind that they could win.

Every human being who reaches a certain state of understanding sets a goal in his life and wishes for it. Plainly wishing for your goal will not strike gold, one needs to:
  • Desire for it
  • Placate yourself to believe that you can achieve it
  • Plan definite ways and means to acquire it
  • Experiment with them with a positive mental attitude and
  • Back the plans with persistence which does not recognize failure

Fate can be surmounted. Henley, the poet, wrote the prophetic lines -‘ I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul’ and left it to the people to derive their philosophies. Of course, disciples of this maxim can make fate their favourite puppet.

Let’s not be easily contented. Let’s not blame our failures on fate.

Self-belief is an urge one meeds to cultivate. Coaxing somebody to do so would be like riding one’s hobby horse to death. Though it is easier to comment than to implement, it is always beneficial to sport a never-say-die attitude. It encloses a universalizing factor by which one could usher oneself a millennium of peace and happiness.

Let’s believe we could do it. Let’s believe in ourselves.


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