The dark clouds and the brisk wind suppressed the summer heat. Flashes of lightning and the rumbling thunder signalled the onslaught of monsoon. She covered herself with the hood, placed her hands in the pockets of her jacket as the pleasant petrichor welcomed her to take those solitary walkways that night.

The raindrops created a drumming orchestra. She realised that wasn’t alone in that path. As the footsteps behind her drew close, she quickened her pace, turned right towards an alley, stopped under a canopy and opened her compact. The mirror showed a rough and rigid face smoking a cigar under an umbrella. As she turned back, a shadow slip away behind the building wall.

She quickly crossed the road towards her house, rang the doorbell and frantically searched for her keys.

The door opened. “Hello?”, greeted her husband.

“Fine honey. How’s your day been?”, she planted a peck on his cheek.

“Same old things. Applying for job vacancies. No positive response as yet. By the way, I have ordered pizza for dinner.”

“Oh great.” She dashed into her room and pulled the window curtains slightly from the window. He was standing on the other side of the road talking on his mobile phone. He had a menacing look.

She pulled out her Beretta Bobcat 22 and made a call from her cell phone “Someone just tailed me from the train station.”

“So, they now know where you are holed up.”

“Yeah, I can follow and bounce him off.”

“No. I will handle.”

The phone goes dead. The doorbell rings.

“Pizza’s arrived, sweetheart.”

“Am coming”, she retorted.

As she swallowed her first bite, severe pain rippled in her abdomen. She vomited. Her face resembled a watermelon, red and swollen. She collapsed.

Her husband quickly reached for his mobile and rang his most recently dialled number.

“Job done.”, he stated as he examined her pulse.


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