The morning drizzle pleasantly subdued the summer heat.  Raindrops joined their way making small streams over the uncovered French windows. She pulled out her pashmina scarf and wrapped it around her neck to evade the chill. The soft music and soothing ambience drifted her into liberal fantasy. Aromatic air brought thoughts of Aakash’s favourite dishes as she sipped her fourth glass of water.

Thirty minutes later, Aakash dashed into the restaurant.

“I am sorry Riya”, he said taking her hand in his. “The HR Manager had called up for the pre-joining formalities, and…”

“So, you are determined to get involved with WDS Ltd?, Riya cut him short.

“It’s for our better future.”

“How can there be a future if you live out of a suitcase, disappear suddenly or worst, have to serve a sentence.”

“This is my chance to make things right. Our launch-pad to live a happy life. For now, I can’t even fund our dates, and I hate that, you know it.”

“It’s takes two to live a life together Aakash. You either choose me or this job.” Her eyes were moist as words stuck in her throat.

“That’s outrageous. I’m not joining the mafia. Let’s focus on food, am hungry. What will you have?”

“Nothing. I am full of your stubbornness.”, she said with distress.

A long silence ensued as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Riya grabbed her handbag, called for her Jaguar, as she craved Affy to stop her.

“Oh, Riya. I need you to support me.” He said in a disheartened tone. But Riva was already out of earshot.


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