Hunter or Hunted?

Warning: Content of this post may be explicit for some readers.

“‘Most Productive Employee of the day’ for handling most calls is: Ajay Jadhav,” displayed the large monitor in the center of the office floor, as the clock struck 6 pm, the fourth praise for Ajay this week. His distinction impressed his manager Manav Adhikari the most. Over the last six months, Ajay had developed a good working relationship with Manav and Manav would depend upon Ajay for all solutions to his problems.


They even had outings together on weekends. Ajay accompanied Manav, his wife Jyoti and son Krish drive to their farmhouse in Lavasa, two hundred km away from Mumbai. Krish enjoyed playing cricket with Ajay and had become his favorite batsman. Ajay also went an extra mile to help Jyoti with her urgent errands when Manav had to attend some late business meetings.


The train station was a 20 minutes walk from his office. Ajay managed to dash into the 6.24 train as the doors just closed behind him. He managed to pull back the strap of his backpack stuck in the carriage doors. He noticed Manav at the other corner of the carriage, engrossed in his smartphone.

Ajay’s phone buzzed with a text message.

Jyoti: “Is he on the train?”

Ajay: “Yes.”

Jyoti: “So, he is going to meet her today again?”

Ajay: “I think so. Why would he take the Central line train? Your house is on the Western line.”

Jyoti: “Did he get many calls on his cell phone today?”

Ajay: “Yes, quite a few. He took most of them from a meeting room.”

Jyoti: “Were you able to check his emails?”

Ajay: “Nope. His workstation was locked when he was away. I couldn’t snoop.”

Jyoti: “Can’t you hack his password?”

Ajay: “Will try.”

Jyoti: “I just need some proof of his flings. Then, I can do him for a hefty alimony.”

Ajay: “Yes. We can use the money to buy a house for ourselves.”

Jyoti: “’ve already started making plans. Huh?”

Ajay: “Yes, sweetheart. Tell me, are you mad at me? Why did you send me an email to not contact you today?”

Jyoti: “Yes. I am mad. You pathetic B*****D!

Ajay: “Huh? What happened precious?”

Manav (as Jyoti): “I am using my wife’s phone today, you swine. We both use the same models and unknowingly exchanged phones today. Lucky I don’t have your number on my personal phone. This will cost you big, my friend. These texts show that you have been hitting my home since months. Don’t you dare show me your face again.”

Manav (as Jyoti): “I will attend dearly to that slimy bitch when I get home.”


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