Double-Cross (A Scene)

This post is essentially a two-way scene version of the double-cross monologue.

As Lois searched for her keys, she heard things thrown inside.

“Could he have discovered it?” She pondered.

Clark yelled from his desk as Lois opened the locks “What’s this? Is this you?”, pointing to her online personals advertisement.

She walked up to the bar wearing a sarcastic smile and started to unwind with a glass of red wine. Clark walked up to her “What do you think you were doing?”

Lois raised her glass to Clark “Just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Is it sour? Sooner than I thought, huh?”

By now Clark had turned red “What do you mean? We are in a steady relationship. How could you do this?”

“Aha! Shouldn’t those words be mine? How do you expect to sail on two boats and no one to spill the beans?”

“Lois baby, I do love you!” Clark said in a voice filled with guilt.

“Cut the crap, Clark, I never imagined that you would be so adventurous. I can never accept my partner to be bi-curious”. Lois said with moist eyes and locked herself.

As Clark kept screaming in disgust and disapproval, Lois deliberated “Should I care? I have a bright future and need to look ahead. As far as I am concerned, it’s over! Okay, now let me see some of the responses that I have received. Hmm…this one looks interesting…”


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