Double-Cross (A Monologue)

Who is double-crossing whom?


Personals Advertisement.

Hello, World! I am Lois Lane, a 27-year-old petite single woman looking for a fun loving and adventurous guy. I am a painter by profession. I like to eat, sleep, travel and most importantly have fun. I prefer to create a space of my own and stay away from boring worldly matters. My profile picture says a lot about my looks, and I don’t think it needs any further description. If you think you are of my type, do send me a private message. My response time is not the best in the world, but I will revert asap. Profiles without photos, please excuse. Cheerio!
Two days later.
I didn’t expect Clark to be jumping out of his clothes so soon. “After all, does he care?”, I murmured to myself.
“Well, my intention was to give him a taste of his own medicine. How dare he put up an ad on the website behind my back and expecting no one to spill the beans? For the past two years, I thought we were in a steady relationship. I considered this man as my soul mate. However, it seems the feeling was never mutual. The fact that he found out about my profile so soon gives an indication of how active he was seeking a man. I wish I had known about his orientation much before.”
As Clark kept yelling in disapproval, I locked myself up.
“Why didn’t he talk about this to me straight away? Was he scared of revealing his sexual preferences? Does he want to sail on two boats – keeping a relationship with me because he is emotionally involved and try new adventures at the same time? Well, he should be the one explaining rather than me speculating. I am hurt to the core, and I don’t care. I have a bright future and need to look ahead in life. As far as I am concerned, it’s over!
“Okay, now let me have a look at some of the responses that I have received. Hmm…this one looks interesting…”

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